I'm Nicola, but you can call me Nic

I'm the very smiley face behind Fox & Kin and my pronouns are she/her

I'm a Bellingen & Coffs Harbour wedding photographer, passionate about nature, equality and sustainability, which is why I created Fox & Kin, to establish a business that reflected those passions.

I am an advocate for keeping weddings simple and eco-friendly and a vocal ally for those underrepresented in the wedding industry.

At almost every wedding I photograph, I am assumed to be an old friend of the couple's.

I don't hang back and hide behind my camera. I'll get in there and chat up your grandma.

You know I'm gonna get down with you on the DF and I would absolutely love a piece of cheese from the grazing board, thanks so much for offering!


I'm not going to take you away from your party for hours to pose for awkward portraits. I may be high energy but my presence is calming and I'll make it my mission to ensure you relax and enjoy every moment of your wedding day. Your experience comes first. Epic photos are a bonus.

I believe that all love is equal and all love should be documented equally.

don't take my word for it


Oh my God, Nic

I'm speechless, I'm obsessed, I'm crying 😭💙

I hooked the laptop up to our TV and we snuggled up together on the lounge to go through them. It was like reliving the day. 🥰

Your skills go beyond talent, it's straight up magic. 💖

Courtney & Callum

Woweee Nic! You are so talented! You’ve captured so many beautiful moments with such authenticity. We will treasure these forever.

We so appreciate how hard you worked - every single minute. Also your helpful tips about where the ceremony should be and how to stand etc. It made a huge difference to how the ceremony and day panned out. We are so grateful.

So many people commented on your beautiful energy and your calm but confident approach to herding us cats in the group photos. It was bloody impressive.

With much love and gratitude

Soph & James


Just wow. I’m sorry it’s taken days to reply- but we really do not have words to express how much we love the photos. You’ve managed to not only capture our love so beautifully but the moments of the day and the love and joy shining from all our favourite people as well. We knew we picked you for a reason. You are so talented. We will treasure these forever.

Kate & Gab

Thank you Nic so much for capturing us, our family and friends and the day so perfectly. We both think you are the best at what you do and we feel so lucky to have these beautiful photos from you. We had no doubt the photos would be amazing and they’ve surpassed that, truly, just in love!!

Lucy & Brock


Also, thank you for being such a legend! I already knew we were going to have so much fun with you but didn’t realise HOW much fun we’d have. Thank you for making our special day even more spesh!

Sarah & Brian



I am fairly vocal about ditching outdated traditions if they no longer carry meaning for you. I am also highly aware of the mass consumption of wedding related 'stuff' that takes a huge toll on the earth.

There are so many things that we think we need to buy for a wedding to take place, but in reality, all you really need is a celebrant and two witnesses.

It’s not enough to just have eco-confetti anymore.

The same goes for all these strange guidelines and traditions that have been carried over for generations without question.

This is your wedding day. There are no rules or formulas to follow. And your wedding isn't an editorial for a magazine.

It's about you two being so grossly in love that you want to scream it from the rooftops. And if you want to stand on a rooftop and scream your vows at each other, then babe I got you and I am here for that.

I mean, that's a great start. But when we talk about eco-ethical weddings, we're talking about how you approach every stage of your wedding planning, as well as how you interact with your community and support local business.

There are ways to minimise your impact at every step, while still having everything you've ever dreamed of on your wedding day.

In 2020 I was awarded Winner of Australasia's Top Emerging Wedding Photographer of the Year by Capture Magazine

In 2021 I was placed in the Top 20 Portfolios for

Wedding Photographers in Australia and New Zealand