Kate & Robbie

O.M.F.G Nic! These are fucking mindblowing!!!!!
What an awesome surprise for me to wake up to on my birthday!
Robbie and I just watched the slideshow and it's incredible!! We LOVE the pictures so much!!!

Your hard work in all the compositions really shines through. You are incredibly talented and we appreciate all of the thought and time you've put in to making this for us!


Amy & Matt

I’m honestly speechless! Our photos are friggin fan bloody tastic!
I can’t even begin to express how much we love each and every photo. You are simply amazing. You have captured our special day beyond perfectly and we will treasures these photos forever and a day. Thank you thank you thank you.


Deb & Adrian

When I started researching photographers, I wanted to avoid cheesy “sunny blue skies-fake smiles-veil blowing in the wind” photos, and we are SO lucky to have found Nic. Her signature dark, moody tones and real, raw, candid style of photography is perfect for us and her direction throughout the day brought out the best side of everyone she photographed. For us it was more about the art and giving Nic creative licence, rather than ticking off a checklist of pictures that ‘should’ be taken at a wedding.


Ben & Kat

We've only just managed to finish looking through the photos of our wedding day and we are absolutely floored! We can't even begin to thank you enough for the incredible job you did. The way you managed to capture everybody and everything throughout the day in such a natural way, is just perfect.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so very much for creating an album and photographic story that we will be able to pass on to our kids and grandkids, who will definitely have no doubt about just how epic our wedding day was.

Thank you a million times over!


Sarah & Kev

LOVE!!!! (+ many many exclamation marks)
A quick message to say THANK YOU so much for capturing this day so perfectly!!! Kev and I were so excited yesterday to get home and go through the pictures. It was really tough not to have a sneaky peak. We smiled the whole way through. You are so incredibly talented ❤️ ❤️ but also just a genuinely great human who we really enjoyed spending time with. We are so grateful xx


Bridgett & Aron

We are absolutely LOVING the photos. For some odd reason we are both looking ridiculously photogenic haha, every single shot is AMAZING! We can’t thank you enough!


Nikki & Ben

From the moment I first made contact with you, you were professional yet out friend. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

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