I love everything about this. The photos are so real, the styling is stunning & the gown is gorgeous. It can be so easy to get caught up in the maximalism of weddings that we sometimes forget what is at the heart of it. If my partner & I ever decided to tie the knot this is exactly what I would want out of it. Thank you for sharing!

“It is far more sentimental to recall the simplicity of moments, of words spoken and looks stolen, than the material ingredients of what was your wedding day” – no truer words spoken. I absolutely love this couples’ passion for each other and their culture captured so exquisitely on their wedding day. If I could do a recommitment ceremony something like this would be spectacularly meaningful and special. Well done to an incredible team.

Beautiful pics and story – loved hearing about all the touches that made it special for them and also incorporated the area x

This is so beautiful and inspiring. Hopefully this becomes the future of weddings and a more conscious industry as a whole!x

Love this!! Beautiful photos and a beautiful elopement. Love your work Nic

Love your work!

Yasss! I feel like this is the sort of information the wedding industry needs! And there’s no better person to pass on this information, in such a beautiful way might I add, than Nic.

Incredddd work, what a dreamy scroll. I love everything about this.

Wow Nic!! This is so epic!

I love this! So thoughtful and the perfect way to elope! If I wasn’t married already I’d definitely get in touch.

Beautiful work as always Nic! Love the colour theme & the quirky gifs!