Fine Art Photo Books

In this digital age where everything is stored in some magical cloud and we can access anything we want with the click of a button, something has been lost. We’ve lost the thrill of the tangible.

Do you remember sitting as a child flicking through your parent’s old photo albums? Or finding a box of old photos in your granny’s attic with dates and names scribbled on the back? Or do you simply remember those limited edition Spice Girls prints that you could buy in packs of 10 and put into your glossy binder brimming with girl band paraphernalia?

No? References a little too specific for you? Ok, moving on.

My point is, everyone at some point in their lives has realised the value of a printed photograph. It holds character and sentimentality that no jpeg file on a computer screen can. Displaying your photos in a museum grade quality fine art album is the number one way to preserve and enjoy those memories, before handing them down for someone else to enjoy.

How often do you sit around with family and friends and flick through your wedding photos on your computer or phone screen? I can guarantee that having those photos printed in a beautifully bound book displayed on your coffee table will increase the chances of that happening by about 3 million percent. And instead of all crowding around a phone, you’re passing around a piece of art that opens up on your lap and pulls you into the story.

You’re not just buying a book. You’re investing in something priceless. An heirloom that will bring you and your family countless hours of joy. Don’t let your photos die alone on a hard drive. It’s cold in there and there’s no cheese.

choose your book

Fine art photo books are available in the following sizes:

11x14 inches (portrait)

12x12 inches (square)

For $2200, together we will design your 25 spread book. This is 50 fine art paper pages of deliciousness all wrapped up with your very own choice of fabric or leather cover.


These are luxurious, master fine art books, lovingly handmade in the oldest and best photo lab in Australia.

Choose to have your page edges cut neatly or hand torn for a natural and dreamy touch.

Your book comes with a custom cover engraving, designed by me, with your guidance. We'll work together to figure out what you want scribbled on your favourite book forever.

Don't think you'll forget your own names? Good call. Why not use lyrics to your fave song or a quote from an inappropriate speech on the wedding night?

Reckon you'll need more than

50 pages for your epic story?

I hear ya!

Grab an extra 5 spreads for 300

or 10 for 450!

Treat yourself to a silk ribbon placeholder if you like. Or don't. You do you, babe.

Absolute max is 45 spreads (upgrade from 25 for 800).

How does it all work?

How do we choose which photos to use?

I know it can be quite overwhelming having to choose your favourite images out of hundreds in your gallery. Especially when you're not sure which ones will work well with others and which will look best printed.
To make it easier for you, I'll make the hard decisions for you. Just jump onto your online gallery and create a favourites list of 10-200 of your favourite images. There may only be 10 that you really know you want in there and you're happy for me to choose the rest. Or you may have a huge list that you can't possibly cull any further. I'll import your selected photos into my design software and decide which ones are going to work best together in the book.

How many spreads do we need?

It depends on how many photos you want to incorporate into the book. I design the spreads so that they flow nicely and don't look too cluttered, so I recommend one spread per 4-5 images (obviously some spreads will have more and some have less, but on average that's how many fit nicely into a design) so if you have 200 images you'd like to use, you'll need about 40-50 spreads.
You don't necessarily have to decide straight up. Often we'll start the design process and I'll work with the images you've selected to create the first draft, and then you may choose to add or remove spreads as we go!

Wait, so we don't get a say in the final design?

Of course you do! I'll never send a book to print without making sure you're 100% stoked with it. The design process includes three rounds of changes in which I send you the design on a cloud proofing software, which you leave comments on to let me know what you do and don't like about it. After 3 rounds I can guarantee we'll have absolutely covered everything you may want changed and you'll be in love with your book design!

How long does it take until we get our book?

To get the process started you'll need to tell me what size book you'd like to order and pay a $500 deposit. Once that is received and you've sent me your favourites gallery, I will begin the first draft. After 3 rounds of changes and when you're totally stoked with everything we've done, the remaining payment is due.
I'll then send my design files to the print lab to have them work their magic and put it all together. You can expect your book to be in your sweet little hands about 3-4 weeks after making your final payment. It's really that easy!

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started on your book!