Alex and Simon are two of the kindest people I've ever met. From the first time we met and they welcomed me into their home as we sat drinking beer and chatting about their wedding plans to their wedding day where they were constantly making sure everyone around them was comfortable, happy and fed. Alex was so focussed on helping everyone else get ready and getting the girls dressed that she almost ran out of time to get dressed herself! She was so relaxed in fact that she made her way to the ceremony without bringing her beautiful bouquet with her! So her trusty bridesmaids worked together to build her a new bouquet with pieces they ... READ MORE
I was excited about this wedding from the first meeting. Nikki and Ben told me about their plans to marry on Ben's family property in the hills near Bellingen and I immediately fell in love! They planned to marry on Friday the 13th even though people told them it was crazy, they were determined to make it their day! They dreamed of a vintage style ceremony in Ben's childhood backyard with bunting, florals and wooden benches surrounded by beautiful autumn trees. Followed by a relaxed, cocktail reception with lots of emotional speeches - and that's exactly what they got! It was absolutely perfect. The day was very special for several reasons, ... READ MORE
Nadia and Leon are the epitome of how opposites attract. Nadia's sister, Nicole, even made a powerpoint presentation which she used in her speech on their wedding day to explain this to the guests. But this is what makes them perfect for each other. They understand their differences and love each other even more for them. And this only makes them stronger. Before their wedding, I asked them what they had in common and they replied that they lived in the same house. When asked what they were opposites at their response was 'just about everything!' The best way to explain this is to look back at their vows that they read to each other on thei ... READ MORE
Julia and Brad agreed to meet me at Lincoln's Rock, a spot I had been dying to shoot at in the Blue Mountains, for sunset one evening so we could take their engagement photos. If you haven't been there it's the most incredible (and scary) cliff overlooking Wentworth Falls with a perfect natural seat to watch the sunset. When we arrived it was quite busy with tourists, so we wandered down a bush track for a bit of privacy and a chat. As the sun got lower the most incredible light swept over the mountains and valley below us. We laughed and mucked around for a while, and then ran back up the hill to find Lincoln's Rock completely deserted! Eve ... READ MORE
Earlier this year, Adrian swept Deb away on a whirlwind trip down the South Coast of NSW telling her only to pack a bag and a nice dress for dinner. They arrived at the incredible gardens of Merribee, which Adrian had rented out for the entire weekend! After arriving and freshening up in their converted silo accommodation, Adrian suggested they go for a walk through the gardens before dinner. Little did Deb know I was hiding in the bushes like a creep waiting for them! To add context to the story, Deb knew that Adrian was going to propose, but she didn't know when, or where, or that I would be there to document it! He walked her over to a c ... READ MORE
When Caroline and Tim first contacted me they said they wanted to do something a bit different for their elopement. They loved the water, but the beach didn't feel right to them. They wanted something simple, but a little bit wild. I suggested saying their vows while standing in the Never Never River in the Promised Land at Gleniffer. They said that was totally their 'kind of crazy' and then we shared photos of our pets with each other - and I knew we would get along just fine! On their wedding day we met at Aniseed Villas in the Promised Land where Tim and Caroline, and her son Seb, were getting ready. Caroline had been busy cooking treats ... READ MORE
Melanie and Gabe are two of the funniest people I have ever met. I honestly don't think I've ever laughed so hard or had so much fun. Although they'd planned out the important details of their elopement, they also just went with the flow and allowed the day to take its natural course. You see, Mel and Gabe are from Cincinnati, Ohio - that's really far away. They picked a random beach in Sydney off Google satellite to say their vows, even though they'd never been there before. They got ready in the same hotel room, but managed to avoid seeing each other until their reveal, which was an adorable encounter on the streets of The Rocks. Melanie l ... READ MORE
Ashleigh and Skarlett brought their two boys out one fine afternoon in Sydney to take some photos and celebrate their love! The photos were taken as part of the Rainbow Love initiative - a movement where dozens of photographers around Australia took a stand to support LGBTQI+ couples during the postal vote on same sex marriage. It was a way of bringing these couples and their love into the spotlight in a time of a lot of hate and uncertainty. It also gave these two an opportunity to spend some much needed time rolling around in the grass making out!   Nicola Bodle is an Australian destination wedding photographer. She captures wedd ... READ MORE
As seen on the Hello May  blog   Skye and Patrick wanted to get married but they didn't want all the drama and fluff of a traditional wedding. Instead they planned the perfect laid-back 'wedstival' that centred around spending as much time as possible with their favourite people. It was a backyard wedding on Skye's mum's property in the Southern Highlands and the whole family stepped in to help make the day happen. Skye's sister, although 8 months pregnant, slaved away for hours decorating the marquee and cooking up a delicious storm. Patrick's brother Alex not only built the arbour they got married under, but also played 'Little Gia ... READ MORE
Matt and Erika wanted to do something a bit different for their wedding. They knew that a city wedding just wasn't them and they tossed around the idea of having a destination wedding. The only problem was they couldn't agree on a destination.. Matt wanted something beachy and tropical, while Erika wanted rich cultural traditions and tasty food. The solution? Sri Lanka. Neither of them had ever been to Sri Lanka, nor ever visited the venue, Shinagawa Beach in Balapitiya, prior to their wedding. These two were so incredibly relaxed about everything! They just wanted a big laid-back party with their nearest and dearest. They managed to pull it ... READ MORE
Ange and Tori are two beautiful souls. Their love radiates from them so effortlessly. From the moment I met them they blew me away with their warmth and generosity. We met one balmy November evening in Sydney to take a few photos for the Rainbow Love initiative. If you're not familiar, Rainbow Love was a movement where dozens of photographers around Australia took a stand to support LGBTQI+ couples during the postal vote on same sex marriage. It was a way of bringing these couples and their love into the spotlight in a time of a lot of hate and uncertainty. It also gave couples an opportunity to spend some much needed time making out and ge ... READ MORE
As seen on Dancing With Her   I met Emma and Jo through the Rainbow Love initiative. They were one of the very first people to contact me when I announced that I was offering free shoots to LGBTQI+ couples to support them during the public vote on same-sex marriage. Their passion and excitement was contagious from the beginning. This wasn't just a free shoot to them. It was a chance to let their guard down and show the world how incredible their love is and how important equality is, not just for them, but for thousands of young Australians. We arranged to meet at a National Park where we would take a few photos and then they would ha ... READ MORE
When Penny and Luke told me they wanted to do their engagement shoot at sunrise on an incredible beach in Newcastle I almost collapsed from happiness. We arrived in the carpark of Dudley Beach on a particularly warm spring morning with the first touches of light. As we crept down the wooden steps to the sand, Penny and Luke kicked off their thongs, grabbed each other's hands and playfully ran down to the water. We wandered along the water's edge and they danced and joked as the sun reached over the horizon. They didn't notice the water lapping at their ankles as they dug their toes into the sand. It was a perfectly romantic morning and I wa ... READ MORE
~ Michael and Jessica are strong, independent adventurers. Their passion for each other is evident simply by the way they hold each other. They whisper but their eyes speak a thousand words. She is not submissive, they are equal. Their love is endless. ~   Hair and Make up: Ingelise Clasen Florals: Lime Tree Bower Gowns: Mina Mancini Couture Jewellery: Lost Lover Models: Jessica Shallbetter and Michael Duffy Suit: Mister Mister Bow tie and cufflinks: Hank in Chief Production: Laura Stevenson Nicola Bodle is an Australian destination wedding photographer. She captures weddings, engagements and elopements throughout ... READ MORE
I was super excited to hear from Nikki and Ben for two reasons. Firstly, because I instantly clicked with them and their wedding sounded right up my alley - and secondly, because they were from Bellingen, the gorgeous little town that I am very soon to call home! I met up with them in Bello on a sleepy Saturday afternoon. We sipped chai at the Black Bear Cafe, and wandered past Cedar Bar - their reception venue - to have a sneaky peek at another wedding in progress. We then jumped in the car and drove down the winding tree-lined streets out to Brierfield and Kalang, and then back down to the banks of the Bellinger River. Ben didn't push Nikk ... READ MORE
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